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Domain Name Format

1. International (Internic) Domain Names:

YourName.com ( .com ) - For Businesses
YourName.net ( .net ) - For Network-related Companies
YourName.org ( .org ) - For Organisations
YourName.info ( .info ) - For Information-related (new)
YourName.biz ( .biz ) - For Businesses (new)

Internic TLDs (Top Level Domain Names) can be purchased from us directly. Advantage to Internic TLDs is that it is more International/Global and cheaper than other type of domain names. Disadvantage to Internic TLDs is that many good names have already been taken by early registrants. :

2. Malaysia (MYNIC) Second-level Domain Names:

YourName.com.my ( .com.my ) - Businesses in Malaysia
YourName.net.my ( .net.my ) - Network-related Businesses
YourName.org.my ( .org.my ) - Organizations
YourName.edu.my ( .edu.my ) - Education Organizations
YourName.gov.my ( .gov.my ) - Government Organizations

Advantages to MYNIC domain names are that many of the names are still available and the domain names represent a business or organisation registered in Malaysia. Disadvantage to it is that the name is slightly more lengthy with the .my extension.

Prepare required registration information

Make sure you have all the required information ready, this will help us to help you have your account activated quickly.

For .com, .net and .org registrations (individual and corporate), please prepare the Registrant and Admin information.

For .com.my and .com.sg registrations, please prepare the Registrant, Admin, Billing and Company Registration information.

*All domain names ownership shall be held by the client. The client will be the authorized administrator to their respective domain names. AsiaPac is merely the Domain Registrar and holds no ownership to the domain names.



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